A commercial operation that places outgoing calls to clients and potential clients is known as an outbound call center. Outbound calls are made by businesses for a variety of objectives, such as sales, collections, surveys, research, fundraising, and pro-active customer alerts. All outbound contact centers prioritize having clean calling lists, high connect rates, and high conversion rates, regardless of the motivation.

Outbound call centers have seen an increase in regulation, largely as a result of consumer reaction over telemarketer abuse. The Do Not Call (DNC) Registry and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act are the two main federal laws/regulations that all outbound call centers must adhere to, despite the fact that different states may have their own particular legislation (TCPA).

Outbound contact centers frequently utilize software tools called dialers that enable keeping them compliance with the aforementioned requirements while also increasing efficiency and effectiveness by automating part or all of the dialing process. For instance, predictive dialers use advanced algorithms to forecast agent availability in addition to automating phone number dialing. This maximizes agent utilization by ensuring that they are kept active and not idle. Additionally, they have the ability to automatically suppress DNC registration phone numbers. Predictive dialers become much more effective when they are integrated with CRM software because this enables agents to view customer information, resulting in a more pertinent, customized call.